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Word Cookies Android/Apple App

What is Word Cookies Android/Apple App? Word Cookies is a puzzle android and Apple game, where you can trace many words in a shuffled letter box, cross them to form a meaningful word. The letters appear on a pan in the shape of cookies, and then you have to put them together to make words. In Word Cookies, you’ll find more than 300 different levels with various degrees of difficulty.

The more you cross words and get meaningful words out of them, it’s the more you gain coins. Those coins can help you to bypass difficult levels when you meet them. And it’s very good to try a hard level without using coins, because, it makes you more professional and enlightens you more, then, you use your coins later.

Word cookies is very fun to play and it’s part of education because, you guess English words out of shuffled letters in a box. It makes you to think deep and craft English words you have heard before and the ones you never heard before.

Word Cookies can be gotten free on Android using Play Store and Apple Phone Using App Store.

Go to your play Store or App Store, search “Word Cookies” and you be able to trace the app and install it.

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